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Title: Vasilisa the Beautiful
Size (cm): 25x19x4.5
Size (in): 9.75x7.5x1.75
Artist: Shirokov Anatoliy
Price: $1,100.00


This box painted by the famous Mstera artist Anatoly Shirokov depicts the scene, from the tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful. It depicts the moment of the tale when Vasilisa meets Baba-Yaga and three riders: the Red Sun Rider, the Dark Night Rider, and the Bright Day Rider. Near each rider the artist writes an episode from the story connected to his name. (from left to right)<br> <br>

"Suddenly a horseman rides, <br>
A horseman all in black,<br>
His steed is black, <br>
This is the Black Night.<br>
The Night is falling.<br>

"Suddenly a horseman rides, <br>
A horseman all in white,<br>
His steed is white, <br>
This is the Bright Day

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